In Their Own Words

I was distraught when I learned my baby girl wasn’t thriving, in spite of nursing and attempting to feed her as healthily as possible, so I turned to a nurse friend who referred me to Nurturing Nutrition—and the experience was nothing short of GREAT. I found Stephanie to be sincere, passionate, non-judgmental, and very knowledgeable. She made me feel strong as a mother and that healthy nutrition was an attainable goal—my intimidation and anxiety about feeding my family both tasty and nutritious food was eliminated! My daughter has grown and I’ve found joy again in feeding my family. We all try new recipes and snacks, and food prep time now also offers learning opportunities for my daughter. Thank you, Nurturing Nutrition!

After my daughter’s doctor referred me, I’ve been working with Stephanie and Nurturing Nutrition for two years in which time my daughter has lost weight, gained confidence, and learned a tremendous amount about nutrition and what different foods do for our bodies. Stephanie speaks to her in a kid-friendly manner helping her understand the importance of nutrition, and Stephanie never makes me feel like I have failed my daughter. Together, we strategize ways to improve what we’re doing between appointments. The greatest benefit of working with Nurturing Nutrition is that it’s not only changed my daughter’s approach to eating, but my entire family’s as well.

I started seeing Stephanie because my weight was fluctuating like crazy. It would literally change 5-7 lbs in less than 24 hours. In addition, I was in pain, overall miserable and was ending up at the hospital for “issues” that I had never had before such as kidney stones, asthma/breathing issues, etc. My experience working with Stephanie has been amazing! And that does not even describe it. Stephanie listened to everything that I had to say (as crazy as it sounded), has an immense amount of knowledge, and allowed me to set up something that would both help me as well as worked with my schedule/lifestyle. The greatest benefit of working with her is feeling better!!!! Not fluctuating weight! No more pain! Everything has changed. What I learned about my body, how to take care of myself, how to listen to my body, my confidence and that even when things feel like they are not fixable, they are.

I had a long history with trouble swallowing (over 3 years). Food would travel down my throat slowly and even would become fully impacted. It was painful at times and very frustrating. My PCP suggested an endoscopy. After the procedure, I was diagnosed with EoE. The first method of treatment was anti-reflux medication. I tried that for at least a month without relief. The secondary method of treatment suggested to me was a blood test for food allergies / auto-immune reactions to food. And, this is what led me to Stephanie at Nurturing Nutrition (NN). Stephanie at NN helped guide me to follow a very stringent food re-introduction diet to eliminate possible allergens in the foods I was eating. This meant tracking each ingredient in the foods I would consume and adding particular foods on a well-defined schedule. The details involved for following this diet would be difficult (impossible) to follow without professional help. My experience and support with NN was the only reason I was able to be successful with this difficult diet. The goal to get back to normal swallowing was reached. Benefits were realized in about two weeks and I have not had any relapses since. Other benefits as a result of the diet are also just as beneficial to my overall health, these include: losing weight (17 pounds in 8 weeks), gaining energy (while eliminating caffeine from my diet), better sinus health (which was a lifelong issue for me), better sleeping habits and enjoying a healthier lifestyle in a general way and on a daily basis.

I started working with Stephanie after my doctor referred me to her. When Stephanie focused more on health, instead of just food for eating purposes, I knew she was exactly what I needed to guide me and to make sure my children were getting the proper nutrition for them to grow and thrive. She has always worked well with both of my children, sometimes even sitting on the floor with them to talk to them at their own level. She has been very understanding if my daughter did not follow the plan given, and would always ask my daughter at the next appointment how her health, mood, or stomach felt based on her decisions not to follow the plan. Then, Stephanie would work with my daughter to help her make better choices following the appointment. We have been blessed to work with Stephanie for the past few years. In fact, she has not only helped my daughter, but has also helped my son and has even given me advice with nutrition for some of my own health issues. We are thankful that we have been given the opportunity to work with Stephanie, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with her. I am sure that all of the guidance she has given my children over the past few years will continue to make an impression on their nutrition, even as they grow older. She has been such a dedicated dietician, going above and beyond, even between appointments, giving ideas to help. It is not easy for children to follow a nutrition plan, but Stephanie has always been so encouraging. It is through her encouragement to me that I have been able to help my children follow the plan that has been best for them. Any family that has the opportunity to work with Stephanie is in good hands.

Our 3 year old son Sam, has had a long medical history which prohibited him from learning how to eat by mouth since birth.  With that said, he has been tube dependent all his life and eats little by mouth to sustain life on his own.  We as parents needed to provide Sam with food to sustain him and keep him healthy. Sam was on a liquid diet (pediasure) at age 1, to ensure calories and nutrition but we decided ultimately that Sam would greatly benefit from a real food blended diet around age 2. We were referred to Stephanie for Sams nutritional needs and came highly recommended by his feeding therapist and pediatric GI doctor.  Stephanie is very professional and knowledgable about real food blended diets.  She gave us food recommendations and options of what we could blend up to give to Sam through his tube for all his nutritional needs, similar to what a normal toddler would need to thrive and grow.  Stephanie continues to work closely with Sam to ensure his proper weight and height are maintained for his age. She also explains and helps us to easily understand what Sams dietary needs are for his age and what we can do if we have hiccups or issues that may arise if they occur.  With Stephanies knowledge and expertise, we were able to provide Sam with a great diet which reduced his acid reflux, gas problems and helped produce a healthy digestive track.  Stephanie has also given us ideas that we can do to make eating a fun and an enjoyable experience for Sam in hopes that one day he will be comfortable around food and eat entirely by mouth without the assistance of his gtube.  And YES! It’s working!  Sam has made great steps on eating food by mouth on his own with the help of Stephanie and his team of experts.  She has great bedside manners with children and their parents and really gets to know her clients individually.   We have never been disappointed with her and will recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, professional and educated nutritionist.