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Halloween Survival

Many parents are concerned about the abundance of Halloween candy that will be flowing into their living rooms in a little over a week.  Parents with overweight children are especially concerned and I don’t blame them.  But this can be a very good lesson in moderation, kids can learn to enjoy small amounts of treat foods without over-indulging.  Still, some little tricks to keep up your sleeve during Halloween season are always helpful.  Here are a few that I recommend and have heard along the way.

What sort of things do you do at Halloween to ensure healthy fun for your kids?

1. Wait until the last minute to buy candy for your own house, so it’s not around tempting you and your kids.

2. Handout non-food items, online sites like Oriental Trading have tons of stuff for cheap.

3. Walk with your kids on Halloween night, don’t drive.

4. Allow 1 treat with lunch and 1 after dinner.  Have your kids brush their teeth right after eating their evening treat.

5. Offer a trade.  “You can trade all your Halloween candy for _____.”  Make it something active or at least non-sedentary (no video games or movies).  A new shirt maybe?

6. Hold all kids and adults to these rules.  Don’t single out your overweight child.