Part 2: Confidence with Feeding

This is the second installment in my three part series on Feeding Your Family and Loving It.  In the first piece I talked about how competence with feeding means being successful and feeling like feeding is going well.  In my discussion I said that being a competent feeder is more about HOW you feed your kids and not necessarily WHAT you feed your kids.  Today, I’m discussing the second C – confidence.

With competence comes confidence, which is why it’s our second C.  If competence can be defined as being successful then confidence is knowing that you’re being successful. 

Through following the DOR, you are probably gaining confidence in your ability to feed your family.  You know you can get a meal on the table, you know that you can put mostly healthy foods on your plates.  You may have begun to notice pleasant mealtimes with less stress, even if your kids aren’t eating everything on their plate.  That is because you have severed your emotional connection to whether or not your kids eat the food you’ve prepared.  You are now allowing them to make the “to eat or not to eat” decision and that is freeing!  What’s funny is that despite this, despite your kids not always eating the food that’s put in front of them or just taking 2 bites and saying they’re done, you are still confident- weird, I know.  This is again due to the DOR.  The DOR or Division of Responsibility tells parents that as long as you’ve set the WHAT, WHEN and WHERE of feeding that your job is done.  Since you’ve done all of that before your family even gets to the dinner table what is there to not be confident about?  On their own time your children will begin to try and like new foods and then you can really watch your confidence soar!

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