Most of these foods never came in my hou

Most of these foods never came in my house even before I had kids. They definitely don’t make an appearance now. The top 10 foods nutrition experts won’t feed their kids

3 responses to “Most of these foods never came in my hou

  1. Funny most of the items on the list were must haves when Dad and I were growing up. Iced tea, soda, frozen pot pies, canned fruit cocktail, deviled ham, fruit loops, devil dogs. Oh those were the days!!

    • But for some reason things changed when you bought food for your kids. And when you were growing up your food intake didn’t have to compete with texting, video games, TV or computers either.

      • A lot of people (even other dietitians) are saying that this to too harsh, that these dietitians’ kids must be so deprived! I think people are taking the word “never” too seriously here. I can say I never drink soda – except for the times I go to a summer party and have a can of coke or order diet soda at dinner, which probably accumulates to three times a year. The article didn’t say that their kids never eat these foods, just that they don’t bring them into their home. There is plenty of opportunity on a weekly basis for kids to have these foods – at play dates, parties, family members homes, special treats like going out to dinner, holidays. There is always another event around the corner and I’d be willing to bet that these dietitians’ kids, much like my own, have plenty of opportunity to eat packaged, processed products. I have a feeling they are not as deprived as everyone thinks they are. So, lighten up people and take a tip from these dietitians – they’re on the right track.

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